Naxco Belgium

Naxco Belgium, strong in transport

When strong players join forces, they become invaluable together. Welcome to, the successful marriage between DAS Logistics and Sotramar & De Keyser.

Never change a winning team

Why this change? Simple: apart from our name not much will change.

For many years DAS Logistics and Sotramar & De Keyser are working together successfully. DAS Logistics takes care of the airfreight, Sotramar & De Keyser is a fixed value in the maritime transport. By joining forces they can offer every customer with transport requirements a tailor-made answer - even to complex questions.

International partners

Both parties are part of the originally French Naxco Group. This international transport giant has been active in all components of the logistics world since 1967. The group consists of 24 subsidiaries and more than 340 employees worldwide. Through acquisitions, joint ventures and constantly expanding partnerships, they continue to work non-stop on their growing success and ambition.

With the backing of this innovative global partner, Naxco Belgium is putting itself on the map as a high-quality service provider, both for air and sea freight. Both pillars can look back on more than 50 years of experience, making Naxco Belgium a solid expert that knows the ropes.

Different name, familiar service

The name may change: the personal service remains. Naxco Belgium is and remains a flatly structured, versatile organisation that fights every day with passion for its trade. The complete handling of your freight or consignment, large or small, fragile or break bulk, on land, at sea or in the air, is in good hands with us.

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