Transport by air freight: perfect for busy seasons

The many advantages of airfreight

Especially at busy, overcrowded peak times, it is a real challenge for any company to get all the shipments in and out on time. How can you prepare for such bottlenecks? Naxco Belgium would like to share with you some valuable tips on how to prepare your air freight transport.

  1. Plan your transport proactively

    A temporarily increased demand for supplies is usually incalculable. Some periods and seasons are characterized by an influx of orders. Don't be taken by surprise by this and draw up a well thought-out annual plan. The end of the year in particular is a recurring busy period which you can perfectly anticipate in advance. The period just before the summer vacations is usually also a peak time, because various companies still want to get their affairs in order before everyone leaves on vacation. By clearly mapping out these periods, together with your own company data, you can clearly design your transport.
  2. Think outside the box
    Due to the current situation, a number of products are difficult to deliver and shortages of certain stocks are imminent. There is a wide range of solid supply chain software that offers a transparent overview of your stocks. This enables you to plan your transports well in advance and possibly purchase in bulk. Naxco Belgium will be happy to advise you on the various shipping options. That way you will never have to face lengthy delays.
  3. Engage an experienced air freight partner 
    To gain a clear understanding of the abundance of forwarding options, it is best to call in a qualified freight forwarder. In consultation with you, they can go through all the existing solutions, taking into account your transport and demand. This way you can take all elements into account: finances, speed, maneuverability, ... On the basis of this overview you can make a wise choice that perfectly suits your specific situation. Are you considering booking a shipment by air freight? Are you curious about our rates? Please contact us, without obligation, we will be glad to offer you a customized solution.