Creative logistics solutions are our strength!

It’s a striking trend: within the global maritime supply chain, large container shipping companies are increasingly offering end-to-end logistics solutions (known as industrial contract logistics). Does this present a challenge to specialised logistical service providers such as Naxco Belgium? A disruption to the logistics market? Naxco Belgium CEO Sven De Meester does not believe so, and is in no way concerned. “This trend only highlights our own strengths”.

Why do these container shipping companies offer contract logistics in addition to their standard services? “The ‘major ocean players’ want more and more control across the entire logistics chain and over the overall picture of shipments”, says Sven De Meester, who finds this evolution fascinating and follows it closely.

Sven adds this note. “I doubt whether they, as is Naxco Belgium, are confronted with specific logistics requirements of companies, with last-minute changes to planning. Can they come up with ‘last-minute’ creative solutions, if things don't go as planned? Of course, these players have plenty of financial and IT resources at their disposal, but as I see it, there is no question of disruption of the logistical market, this will at most result in a different division of the market”.

Sven sees this evolution as an outstanding opportunity to highlight the specific approach of Naxco Belgium. “Naxco Belgium is an all-in-one forwarder which, thanks to an advanced international network, follows up every phase of transport and logistics from A to Z. Fast, reliable and with a personal service. We aim to relieve our customers of all their worries, with the main objective of ensuring that the supply chain runs smoothly”.

Personal service

“Thanks to our many years of expertise, we offer a solution for every company, at any point, in every situation. Our strength is our personal service, down the entire line”, Sven adds. “With creative solutions, we are able to arrange transport at difficult-to-reach places, for example. We then carry out the daily telephone follow-up with the people on site, the trader and the transport company. All to meet the requirements of our customers”.

Out of the box

Personal service and creative thinking also involves an out-of-the-box approach, such as by searching for alternative transport routes and methods of transport. “If, for example, circumstances mean that a certain flow of goods is blocked from China, shifting the logistics flow to the road, e.g. from Eastern Europe, is quickly arranged. This way, customers can purchase their cargo from another supplier and another region with minimum disruption to their supply chain and business. Our agility is what allows us to achieve such a drastic structural change in the short term. This is where our strength lies!”

Agile working and direct contact

“That's the advantage of a company like Naxco Belgium: a small yet flexible organisation that works in an agile way, and that can respond to unexpected events and specific questions. We have direct contact with our customers, our subcontractors and everyone in our network at any point. Their agility is our strength!”

“Our company continues investing to the greatest possible extent in the knowledge and talent of our people and in our service. More than ever, we will personally support and advise our customers!”